Graduation FAQ

When you are in the final semester of you course, please contact Student Service Office before your final exams to ensure you have met all your course requirements and completed all necessary paperwork to be on track to graduate. For Malaysian students, please ensure that you have completed all your MOHE units.
Please fill in your “Intention to graduate” form. Please update your details in your eStudent (E.g: full names, postal address & etc) according to your identity card, birth certificate and passport before you completed your studies.

After your school approves your course completion, the Perth Graduation Office will send you a notification of graduation registration email via the official communication channel (OCC) in OASIS.

No, student with a sanction will not receive any graduation communication. To check if you currently have a sanction, please log into OASIS and view the sanctions channel under the ‘My Studies and eVALUate’ tab. Once sanctions are cleared, students must contact Graduation Office.

You will receive a notification of graduation registration outlines;

  • The online registration procedures to receive your award certificate (for example attend a graduation ceremony or have your award mailed to you).
  • Information regarding hire of regalia, tickets and photography packages.
  • The letter of course completion can be used in place of your Curtin award until your award certificate is issued.

Log on to OASIS to complete the online registration via the graduations channel on the “My studies and eVALUate” tab. During the registration process, you will be given the opportunity to choose to attend different ceremony location and date (E.g: Perth ceremony, Miri ceremony and etc).
You will also be able to view a sample award with your formal name and full course title as it will appear on your official award certificate. If you found any error, please inform Perth Graduations Office IMMEDIATELY.
Seating is limited at ceremonies and quickly fills to capacity. Once a ceremony is full, which is clearly marked in Oasis and on our website, students will be required to choose another ceremony date. It’s recommended you NOT to book flight until you have received confirmation.

Each attending graduate is guaranteed two guest tickets. Doctoral graduates are guaranteed four guest tickets. Extra tickets are available depending on the availability of seats.

The date and venue of ticket and regalia collection will be stated on your registration.

Graduates MUST wear academic regalia to cross the stage. Academic regalia include a gown, the appropriate sash and mortarboard. Instruction on how to hire regalia will be provided on registration. Students are expected to wear formal attire under their regalia.
For further information on the attire, please visit; graduations.curtin.edu.my/attending-ceremony

If you believe you have completed the course requirements and you have not received notification of graduation four weeks prior to the graduation ceremonies, please contact Perth Graduation Office Immediately.

If you are returning to a regional or international address, don’t for get to update your address details in eStudent before you leave. This will ensure you receive all future correspondence from the university. You will also have access to OASIS for 12 months following the completion of your course.
To obtain copies of your academic transcript, a letter to confirm your course was taught in English and other relevant documentation that may be necessary for future applications, visas or employment, please contact Perth Student Service Centre at studentservicecentre@curtin.edu.au or +618 9266 3399.

One hour prior to ceremony:

  • Students and guests start to arrive
  • Staff available to answer any questions
  • Photography available

Thirty minutes prior to ceremony:

  • Students must be seated
  • Student rehearsal and preparation – graduates who arrive late will NOT be admitted during the rehearsal. As a courtesy to your fellow graduates, and to ensure the smooth running of this important occasion, PLEASE BE ON TIME.

During the ceremony:

  • Presentation of awards – you will be invited to move to the front of the stage and have your name and order checked. Staff will ensure regalia is worn correctly before crossing the stage. You will cross the stage to receive award and shake the Chancellor’s hand. A photo will be taken on presentation of the award. You then return to your original seat.
  • Charge to graduates
  • Closing remarks and entertainment

In addition to academic results, the Graduation Statement includes details of the award itself, the awarding institution, a description of the Australian higher education system and merit-based scholarships (conditions apply).

Eligible graduates will receive their Graduation Statement with their complementary Academic Transcript.

A Graduation Statement and an Academic Transcript

An Academic Transcript can be issued at any time during the course and records academic history as a student progresses. Students do not need to have had an award conferred to receive an Academic Transcript. The Graduation Statement contains additional details about the nature of the award and also shows any approved special achievements that may have been awarded, such as approved scholarships.

  • List of Scholarships and Special Achievements included in the Graduation Statement
  • Scholarships

Note: Only merit scholarships are included in the Graduation Statement.

  • Special Achievements
  • Member of the Vice-Chancellor’s List
  • Chancellor’s Commendation (Exceptional Higher Degree by Research Thesis)

Graduation Statement

Curtin University does not use or calculate a Grade Point Average. However under the Curtin University Grading system, a CWA of 0.00 is the minimum, a CWA of 50.00 is the mid-point and a CWA of 100.00 is the maximum, and this scale may be used to calculate an equivalent GPA/CGPA.

A CGPA will not appear on the Graduation Statement. The Course Weighted Average (CWA), as currently displayed on the Academic Transcript, will be displayed on the Graduation Statement.
If you wish to convert your grades to CGPA, you can apply it from Miri Students Services Centre with a FEE. For enquiries, please email Student Services Office.

Graduation Statement

The Graduation Statement is produced using a specified format, approved by the University, which meets the guidelines set out by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR).
It is not possible to have individual achievements added to or removed from the Graduation Statement unless they have been approved by Curtin as meeting the guidelines, such as formal merit-based scholarships. Graduates will be required to check particular sections of their Graduation Statement on the Graduations Channel on OASIS when they register online to receive their award certificate.

Graduation Statement

Every effort is made to ensure that your Graduation Statement is correct and accurate and all graduates will be required to check particular sections of their Graduation Statement on the Graduations Channel on OASIS when they register online to receive their award certificate. However, if you find that there is an error on the Graduation Statement once it is received, such as a misprint or missing information, please contact Perth Graduations Office.
You will be required to return your original before receiving a replacement

Graduation Statement

Additional copies of a Graduation Statement will be available for purchase. Further details will be posted as they become available.

You can order replacement Academic Transcripts (on official Transcript paper), Graduation Statements, or True Copies of your Award in person from the Student Service Centre in Student Central on Perth campus. You may also be able to request to order your Academic Transcript online via the Official Document Requests link under the Quickforms channel in your OASIS account. The document fees webpage covers details of the cost of ordering these documents.
Please note: you can download and email or print an unofficial Academic Transcript (Academic eRecord) via eStudent in OASIS.
If you have a sanction or exclusion placed on their record (e.g. outstanding fees, library fines) will not be able to access your results or be provided with an Academic Transcript until you have cleared the sanction or exclusion. For more information please contact the Perth Student Service Centre at (+61 8) 9266 3399.

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